Internships Riders Academy

Stal Genin Riders Academy organizes all year long internships and clinics for motivated riders that want to improve their riding skills.

For who?

  • People that want to bring their riding to the next level
  • People who want to experience the European system of working and training with horses
  • People who want to get more experience how to develop young horses

What do we offer?


  • Basic groundwork
  • Grid work
  • Positioning on the horse
  • How to keep your horse into shape
  • Exercises to keep your horse fit
  • Exercises to improve control between jumps
  • Jumping exercises

Working with young horses:

  • How to evaluate young horses during free jumping
  • How to develop a young horse in his dressage work
  • How to develop a young horse from his first jump to a full course
  • How to improve his jumping skills

Show experience:

  • How to warm-up before a show
  • How to do a course and to do a correct course walking
  • Analyzing the course afterwards
  • What to improve for next show

And so much more!

If this sounds like something for you then please feel free to call or email